Consent to treatment

Extracts from the Medical Defence Union Booklet:-

In Emergency situations

"A practitioner may be faced with a patient requiring immediate treatment which is itself associated with serious risks but which must be undertaken if his life is to be saved. He must advise the patient to the best of his ability and endeavour to secure his consent before his rendering such treatment as is immediately necessary. If the condition of the patient does not permit of this, the practitioner should if possible, discuss with a near relative the treatment proposed, but in any event the patient should be given whatever treatment is immediately necessary".

Under Sixteen:

"Except in an emergency the consent of a parent should be obtained before any operation is performed on a person under the age of sixteen. The recommended form is Form II. The health or life of a minor must not, however, be jeopardised by waiting for formal parental consent. If, in an emergency, it is impossible to obtain the consent of a relative the practitioner should render all such treatment as is reasonable and necessary.

Sixteen and over:

"Section 8 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969 provides that the consent to a medical or surgical or dental treatment of a minor who has attained the age of sixteen years shall be effective consent from the parent or guardian".

Consent forms CUH

Patient in CUH should be informed about relevant procedures and the relevant admission consent form, consent for a photograph to be taken, consent for surgery and consent for tissue retention.

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