Cork Joint Major Emergency Plan

CUH Major Incident Appendix 1

Implementation procedure

To be carried out by Garda Headquarters at Cork City or Bandon in accordance with the Cork Joint Major Emergency Plan

  1. Notify Ambulance Control, Cork Direct Line or 211 (999).
  2. Notify Fire Brigade - Cork City or County as appropriate - Direct Line or 211 (999).
  3. Notify the Garda District in whose area the EMERGENCY has occurred and the appropriate Garda Chief Superintendent.
  4. Send Gardaí to control traffic at the Designated Hospital and at the Emergency Site.
  5. The Garda District shall notify all the General Medical Practitioners in its area. A list of General Medical Practitioners is kept in each Garda District headquarters.
  6. Notify Emergency Department, Cork University Hospital (via private line) and other Designated Hospitals as appropriate.
  7. Notify Army, Southern Command, Army vehicles should proceed immediately to Cork University Hospital to provide transport for the Hospital Mobile Team (six personnel and equipment). Available ambulances and first aid personnel will stand by at Collins Barracks and be at the disposal of Ambulance Control at Cork University Hospital. Army will alert Air Corps and Naval Services, if required.

Content by Mr. Sean Cotter (Manager, division of emergency medicine) 24/05/2011, Prof. Stephen Cusack, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Reviewed by Dr ÍOS 09/03/2009. Last Review Dr ÍOS 3/12/18.