Major Incident - Functions of the HSE South

Functions of the HSE South

CUH Major Incident Appendix 5

All HSE services shall carry out their services in accordance with the provisions of the plan. In addition, they shall operate in accordance with their own operations instructions.

The following functions specifically apply:

  1. Activation of the Plan.
  2. Provision of all health services.
  3. Provision of medical advice and assistance.
  4. Assessment of casualties and determination of priorities for their evacuation.
  5. Casualty evacuation and ambulance transport.
  6. Certification of the dead and provision of forensic support for the Gardaí.
  7. Provision of first aid, together with basic life support and treatment at the scene, if required.
  8. Provision of hospital treatment.
  9. Provision of community, medical and welfare services.
  10. Participation in the Co-ordinating Group.
  11. Provision of Psychiatric services. In addition to physical injury, many major emergencies can give rise to severe mental health problems among the groups involved, i.e. the casualties, rescue workers and relatives.
  12. Major Emergencies and their aftermath may involve many aspects of the Community Welfare and Public Health services. Many people, especially the elderly and disabled, who have never required public assistance may need help in such circumstances. Directors of Community Care should prepare procedures for their areas to cater for such situations including mobilisation of key public health and community welfare staff and organisations.

Content by Mr. Sean Cotter (Manager, division of emergency medicine) 24/05/2011, Prof. Stephen Cusack, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Reviewed by Dr ÍOS 09/03/2009. Last Review Dr ÍOS 3/12/18.