Review clinic in ED

The Emergency Department Review Clinic

Criteria for referral to the ED Review Clinic

  • Problems suitable for the ED Review Clinic include, infections with potential complications or minor hand injuries with doubtful functioning, possible scaphoid injuries (normal scaphoid views) etc.
  • The common denominator is that further care is needed and is most appropriately provided by EM staff.
  • The clinic is not for second opinions which should, whenever possible, be obtained at the first attendance.
  • The review clinic is not a regular "check up" after a brief "look see" on the patient's first attendance. Inappropriate referrals include knee injuries (unless referred back from physiotherapy), head injuries, headaches, ankle sprains, back sprains, soft tissue foot injuries etc.


All referrals to be discussed with an Emergency Medicine consultant (through the EM registrar) The following will be seen:

  • Appropriate patients discharged from CDU
  • Referrals from GPs and Physios (accepted by EM consultant)
  • Those called back due to X-ray reports
  • ? Scaphoid
  • Those agreed by the consultant

Content By Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 13/07/2016. Last review Dr ÍOS 13/11/18.