Referral CUH SAU

Admission Protocol for patient acceptance by Emergency Surgical Team SAU Ambulatory Pathway (Seat)

Inclusion criteria

  • Patient must be stable
  • NLWS <4
  • Pain score <5
  • No D&V infections
  • Able to walk to SAU


07:30-15:00 SAU closes 17:00

Handover by surgical team in ED SAU nurse present. Emergency surgical Consultant/Designate will admit to SAU as per ambulatory pathway or suitable admitted patients at the discretion of the Consultant/Designate.


ED physician will assess suitable patients and then refer to surgical team on duty VPN67639 or SHO VPN62362. Surgical team to liaise with SAU nurse to admit. Patient must be able to walk to the ambulatory SAU for review.


Surgical team on call to assess the patient in ED.

Not suitable for SAU

  • Patient <16 years old.
  • Acute surgical patients, needing resuscitation or NEWS>4.
  • Trauma (Orthopaedic/plastic).
  • Non-surgical patients (Gynae, medical).
  • Urology patients.
  • AAA or vascular emergency patients.
  • Elderly / Frail.
  • D ± V in last 48 hours(infectious)
  • Infections MRSA/VRE

Content By Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan, Laura O'Manony (surgical division) 19/04/2018. Last review Dr ÍOS 13/11/18.