Basal Cell carcinoma (BCC - Rodent Ulcer)


  • Commonest human cancer (circa 75% of non-melanoma skin cancers).
  • Locally invasive cancer of epidermal basaloid cells
  • Usually on head & neck (ultraviolet light, fair skin, Hx radiotherapy or immunosuppression)
  • Usually > 40yo, M > F
  • Easily treated if early but cosmetic ... (refer early)


  • Painless, non-healing “sore spot”
  • Crust - bleed - crust


  1. Nodular
  2. Superficial
  3. Morphoeic (infiltrative)
  4. Pigmented.

Classic features of nodular BCC

(taken from BMJ article 2012)

  • Pearly papule or nodule with central depression or
  • Overlying telangiectasia
  • Central crusting
  • Raised rolled edge
  • May enlarge to a dome shaped tumour or ulcerate

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