Hydradenitis Suppuritiva


♂ : Axillae, groin and buttocks.

♀ : Axillae, groin, breast.

Hurley staging

Stage 1

Single or multiple abscesses

Lifestyle management (quit smoking and wt loss)

Start 3 months oral tetracyclines

If failed 3/12 tetracyclines, refer dermatology


Recurrent abscesses, sinus tract formation.

Refer to dermatology

Start PO tetracyclines if not already completed.

Lifestyle Mx as stage 1.

Stage 3

Diffuse, interconnected tracts and abscesses

Refer to dermatology

Refer surgery as required

Lifetsyle Mx as above.


  • Lifestyle changes (stop smoking, ↓wt)
  • Doxycycline po x 3 months
  • Surgery

Content by Dr. Michelle Murphy, Dr Lesley Anne Murphy, Ms Norma Relihan, Dr. Mairead O‚ÄôRiordan & Dr. Nikki Murphy. Supported by AbbVie, Dr. Íomhar O' Sullivan 28/10/2016. Last review Dr. ÍOS 8/11/16.