Mini-Mental State Examination

suggested Mini-mental status exam

  • Age
  • Time (to 1 hour)
  • Address for recall at end of test (patient should repeat to ensure heard correctly)
  • Year
  • Name of institution
  • Recognition 2 persons (e.g. doctor, nurse)
  • Date of birth
  • Date St. Patrick's day
  • Present Taoiseach
  • Count backwards 20 - 1

Total Score out of 30.  23 is taken as cut off for significant mental impairment in most elderly


Is an acquired syndrome of decline in memory and at least one other cognitive domain such as language, visuo-spatial, or executive function sufficient to interfere with social or occupational functioning in an alert person.

Mini-Mental Statue Examination (MMSE)

Potential treatment options

Cholinesterase inhibitors: moderate supporting RCT evidence (they slow progression of symptoms if used early)

Ginkgo biloba, selegeline, vitamin E, and oestrogen: No real evidence in favour of their use.

Management of ↑BP in vascular dementia: No strong evidence supporting pharmacotherapy

Non-pharmacological Interventions: (e.g. behaviour training) Some weak supporting evidence for caregiver burden


U.S. Preventive Services Task Force - Screening For Dementia

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