Back Pain Advice

Cork Emergency Departments

If you suffer from Back Pain..... Follow these simple steps to stay in control

Back pain affects nearly everyone at some point in his or her life but is rarely serious. Remember that back pain is seldom due to any serious disease.

Here is some simple advice which may help you to control the pain and get back to work as soon as possible.

Pain relief


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Warning Signs

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If you have severe pain which gets worse over several weeks instead of better, or if you are unwell with back pain, you should see your doctor. You also need to see a doctor immediately if you have;

Be positive, stay active, you will get better quicker and have less trouble later.

If you are concerned, please contact the Emergency Department you first attended: MUH (021) 4271971 M-UCC at SMHC (St. Mary’s Health Campus) (021) 4926900 CUH (021) 4920200 LIU Mallow General Hospital (022) 58506 Bantry General Hospital (027) 52900

Content by Physiotherapy Department, Cork University Hospital 2003, Anna O'Brien and Lorraine Wallace Senior Physiotherapists. Adapted from; The Back Book, 2002 Royal College of General Practitioners, 2000