Phenylephrine preparation
Indication: Acute hypotension
Form: 10mg per 1ml ampoule
Reconstitution: Dilute before administration
Administration: Peripheral or cevtral IV route. Dilute 10mg (1ml of 10mg/ml solution) to 100ml saline to give a 100 microgram/ml solution.
Compatible: Sodium chloride 0.9%
Method: A) IV bolus usual dose = 0.1-0.5mg. Withdraw the required amount from the prepared solution. Administer over 3-5 minutes. May be repeated after 15 minutes.
B) Continuous IV infusion - peripheral or cenytral. Initial max rate 180 micrograms/minute, adjusted to 30-60 microgram/minute according to response, via rate controlled pump.
Special notes: May cause tissue necrosis

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