Peyronie's Disease


  • 40-70 yo, penis is deviated during an erection
  • The deviation is caused by a plaque (scar tissue) in the shaft of the penis
  • There may be a history of trauma but most often there is no obvious cause
  • The penis appears normal when it is flaccid but a plaque can usually be felt on the shaft of the penis during physical exam
  • "Acute" inflammatory phase (18 months) = tender penile nodule ± curvature
  • Most progress to the "chronic" phase with angulation / scarring ±calcification, ± impotence


  • All patients need a referral to a urologist
  • Many patients are placed on medication during a period of observation
  • Vitamin E, Ca++ channel blockers and Potaba
  • Surgery is indicated only if the disease is interfering with sexual function
  • Surgery is simple and can be done as an outpatient

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 05/07/2004. Reviewed by Dr ÍOS 26/05/2006. Last review Dr IOS 13/12/21.