CUH Major Incident Appendix 3

The following communications systems are available for priority use during a major emergency:

  1. Ambulance Service Radio System linking accident site, ambulances and hospitals.
  2. Garda Radio System.
  3. Fire Brigade Radio System.
  4. Amateur Radio Emergency Network (AREN)
  5. Private telephone lines giving direct links between: Garda Headquarters, Anglesea Street, Cork and:
    • Cork Auto Manual Exchange.
    • Ambulance Control Centre, Cork.
    • Emergency Department, Cork University Hospital.
    • Fire Brigade Headquarters, Cork City.
    • Army, Southern Command.
    • Ambulance Control Centre.

Content by Mr. Sean Cotter (Manager, division of emergency medicine) 24/05/2011, Prof. Stephen Cusack, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Reviewed by Dr ÍOS 09/03/2009. Last Review Dr ÍOS 1/06/21.