Physiotherapy clinic MUH

Physiotherapy Clinic MUH

Criteria for Physiotherapy Review Clinic

  • Acute joint & soft tissue injury
  • Ligamentous injury with no associated bony injury
  • Muscle haematoma

Purpose of Physiotherapy ED Review Clinic

  • Early assessment of injury
  • Advice & education
  • Teach basic exercises, stretches & gait re-education as appropriate to facilitate return to activity
  • Refer for further outpatient physiotherapy if necessary
  • Refer back if further investigation / management needed
  • Treatment and discharge


  • Medics will give patient a Referral form ED reception will book the patient into the review clinic via iPM
  • Physiotherapist will work alongside Consultant allowing communication and joint management of injuries
  • Initially will run Monday and Friday mornings – 9 – 12.30pm.
  • Physiotherapist will be responsible for booking/arranging outpatient physiotherapy if required.

Content By Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 13/07/2016. Last review Dr ÍOS 1/06/21.