CUH TAC - virtual fracture clinic


  • The CUH Trauma Assessment Clinic (TAC) is run by Mr Colm Taylor (orthopaedic consultant), Larry Doran (nurse) and Johanna Hyland (clinical specialist physiotherapist).
  • At the clinic (08:00 each Wednesday, max 15 patients) Mr Taylor reviews x-ray and notes of each patient. A management plan is decided by the consultant and the patient is contacted by telephone by the nurse or physiotherapist with the plan.
  • 15 patients are booked into each clinic, but they do not attend the clinic.
  • 10 conditions (please see below) are suitable for referral (referral form).
  • Each referred patient should be provided with the relevant information leaflet before leaving the ED.
  • ED admin. staff should make the TAC appointment as per fracture clinic.
  • A TAC folder with all the documentation spoken of, is kept in eye clinic room/ANP assessment room.


  • Please ensure each patient/parent is provided with the relevant TAC Patient advice sheet (linked below) so they can contact the clinic (rather that you again in ED) if any questions / issues.
Diagnosis Initial treatment Management
# Clavicle  - Adults Polysling Virtual # Clinic (patient advice leaflet)
# Neck of Humerus Polysling Virtual # Clinic.
Dislocated Shoulder Polysling after reduction Virtual # Clinic (patient advice leaflet)
# Head/neck of radius undisplaced/min displaced Wool and crepe / Polysling Virtual # Clinic (patient advice leaflet)
# Base/shaft 1st metacarpal Splint Virtual # Clinic patient advice leaflet
# 5th Metacarpal neck <50° Buddy Strap Discharge patient advice leaflet
Undisplaced prox/middle phalangeal # Buddy Strap Virtual # Clinic patient advice leaflet (soon)
# Lat malleolus – No Talar shift Velcro Boot Virtual # Clinic patient advice leaflet
Isolated # Metatarsal/phalanges TG/Velcro Boot Discharge patient advice leaflet

Content By Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 06 June 2019. Last review Dr ÍOS 8/06/21.