Convalescence community beds


  • testty

Eligibility criteria

  • Independently perform ADL or potential to do so within 1 week (back home to baseline in max. 2 weeks)
  • Need tme to recover strength, endurance or functioning and would benefit from a short stay in a nursing home
  • Have needs that can be met in a nursing home
  • Asssiatnce at ADLs or
  • On-site supervuisoion or monitoring at frequeent inetrvals to ensure his/her safety or well being

Exclusion criteria

  • Cognitive impairment, behavioural issues or unstable psychiatric disorders
  • More that 2 weeks convalesence required
  • Permanent long term care, complex case, slwo stream rehab. (awaiting active hospital rehabilitation) or end stage palliative care admissions
  • Patient cannot be admitted to a short stay nursing home bed to await LTC placement

Content By CNM Val Porter, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 03/04/3017. Last review Dr ÍOS 1/06/21.