PICU / IPAT referrals


The Dublin based PICU/IPATS referral process is coordianted by the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) who provide a 24/7 call handling service to facilitate communications between referring hospitals and the PICU/Retrieval teams.

Call procedure

  • Call 1800 ACCEPT (1800 222378) to request MICAS or PICU/IPATS.
  • A trained NEOC call handler will ask you a very short list of questions.
  • You will be placed on hold as the handler contacts the relevant PICU.
  • If Dx is Crumlin specific i.e. Cardiac/GI/Liver/Oncology/Burns, you will be put through to the PICU CNM2 at OLCHC
  • All other calls will connect with CNM2/Senior Registrar in Temple Street.
  • The call recipient will complete the ACCEPT PICU/IPATS referral form.
  • A CUH consultant should review the child prior to referral.
  • The referring consultant will be ontacted as soon as a bed is assigned by the accepting PICU.
  • IPATS will be activated (by NEOC) within operating hours and the ambulance activated as soon as the decision to transfer is made.
  • The IPATS consultant/nurse will also be in touch to provide assistance and arrange the retrieval after the call has ended.
  • NNTP will be going live in 2019, but in the interim, they will need to be contacted directly by your team once the bed in PICU has been assigned.
  • As with Medico-Cork all calls through the NEOC call handlers will be audio recorded.

Content By Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 05/02/2018. Last review Dr ÍOS 24/05/21.