Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


You are expected to attend ALL of the following

  1. Induction Day on the day you start in CUH. This full day program is identical, to allow you to attend when you are not scheduled for duty
  2. The first two weeks of teaching as outlined in the teaching programme (Daily 8:30-10:00am). To supply the best training possible an ‘All Hands on Deck’ policy approach has been developed in the Emergency Department at the CUH
  3. You are therefore expected to complete your rota, without change or absence, for the first two weeks

We run a full and varied programme of Continuing Professional Development to enable all of you to achieve your individual College requirements for CPD. What you put in is what you get out. The Irish Medical Council has become far more particular in recording medical education and training. Failure to attend at least 60% of the scheduled teaching sessions may make it impossible to certify you as having satisfactorily completed your six months in Emergency Medicine. You may legitimately record teaching time as time working on your time-sheets. If you will have difficulty with this, please see your mentor, any of the consultants or Dr Jason van der Velde who is responsible for administrating SHO teaching.


Audit is part of the requirement for doctors on the General and Supervised registries.

You will be expected to complete an audit project during your 6 months EM experience.

Please book a meeting with your mentoring registrar and consultant early in your rotation.


Please discuss ideas and research questions with your mentors early on in the 6 months in order to fulfil this requirement. There is ongoing research in the department.

Updates and support are regularly provided at the weekly EIRN (friday am) meetings.

If you would like to tackle a bigger research project again, please discuss with your mentor.


  • NER portal is the HSE supported Logbook system that CUH Doctors are encouraged to keep
  • This allows you to keep a safe record of educational meeting, teaching sessions, procedures performed and a record of training plans

Content by Dr Jason van der Velde, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Last review Dr ÍOS 26/12/22.