Warfarin notes

Warfarin 1mg = Cream/Buff, 3mg = Blue, 5mg = Pink. Most patients take 1mg (cream/buff) tablets to avoid confusion.

BSH recommendation for target ranges and duration of treatment
Indication Target INR Recommended Duration
Post-op calf vein DVT without risk factors 2.5 3 months
Symptomatic calf vein thrombosis in non-surgical patient 2.5 3 - 6 months
Proximal DVT with transient risk factor 2.5 3 - 6 months
PE and/or proximal DVT 2.5 6 - 12 months
Recurrent DVT and / or PE 2.5 Indefinite
Recurrent DVT and/or PE while on Warfarin 3.0 Indefinite
DVT and malignancy N/A Indefinite LMWH rather than Warfarin
AF or other high risk arrhythmias 2.5 Indefinite

Valve prosthesis and other cardiac indications

Mechanical Prosthetic Valve 3.5  
Bioprosthetic valves 2.5 3 months
Cardiomyopathy, mural thrombus or akinetic segment 2.5 Indefinite
Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome 2.5 Indefinite

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Last review Dr Susan O'Shea 28/09/2011, Dr ÍOS 12/04/23.