Upper limb x-rays

Shoulder normal

x-ray shoulder AP anatomy
Shoulder AP labelled (hover)
x-ray shoulder Axillary view anatomy
Shoulder Axillary view labelled (hover)

AC joint

shoulder ac gap
Dislocation = > 3mm step lower margin between clavicle and lower margin acromion or > 8 mm gap in AC joint.


Elbow AP view

x-ray shoulder AP view
Elbow AP view labelled (hover)


  • Fat pads
  • Ant humeral line
  • Radiocapetellar line
  • C R I T O L

Repeat radiography is not needed for traumatic elbow effusions with no fracture on initial x-ray [BestBets]

Elbow lateral View

x-ray elbow lateral view anatomy
Elbow AP view labelled (hover)


Forearm AP View

x-ray forearm AP anatomy
Forearm AP view labelled (hover)

Forearm lateral View

x-ray forearm lateral view anatomy
Forearm Lat view labelled (hover)


Wrist PA

x-ray wrist PA view anatomy
Wrist PA view labelled (hover)

Wrist Lat

x-ray wrist lateral view anatomy
Wrist Lat view labelled (hover)

Scaphoid normal

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