Fasting times (children) pre-general anaesthetic CUH

Fasting times for Children undergoing General Anaesthetic in CUH

  • Clear Fluid: 1 hour
  • Breast Milk: 4 hours
  • Solid food, including milk: 6 hours
  • Encourage drinking of clear, non-fizzy sugar containing solutions (for example, apple juice, orange/ lemon juice/squash without particles, fruit shoot, non-fizzy sports drink, dioralyte, all non-thickened) until 1hour before theatre unless directed otherwise by the anaesthetist in charge of the case
  • Approximately 3mls/kg/hour is acceptable up to a maximum of 200mls
  • Times may vary according to individual anaesthetic practice and patient specific conditions
  • If there is any concern or queries please discuss with the Consultant Anaesthetist in charge of the list
Paediatric Fasting times CUH

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