Paediatric referrals CUH

Paediatric Referrals CUH

  1. All referrals for admissions should be phoned through to Paediatric Registrar. Paediatric SHO may admit patient.
  2. All grey cases should be discussed with EM SpR/Consultant prior to contact with Paediatric Registrar between 8am-5pm.
  3. After hours, PEM SHO to directly discuss all < 1 year olds & grey cases directly with Paediatric Registrar on call prior to discharge.
  4. In absence of PEM SHO, *EM senior to review all under 1 year olds (>3 months age). Strongly consider Paediatric Registrar review of infants between 3-6 months of age.
  5. ALL infants < 3 months of age presenting to the PED out of hours to be seen by EM SHO and must then be reviewed by Paediatric Registrar on call.
  6. In the absence of PEM SHO, all grey cases to be discussed by EM SHO with *EM senior prior to contact with Paediatric Registrar.
  7. Low threshold for EM Senior to discuss infants > 6 months with Paediatric Registrar on call.

Content By Dr Nandini Kandamany, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 21/04/2015. Last review Dr ÍOS 31/05/21.