Epistsxis (nose bleeds) Advice

Cork Emergency Departments

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  • Do lean your head forward
  • Do squeeze the soft part of your nose (15 minutes), repeat if necessary
  • Do put an ice pack on the bridge of your nose
  • Do bite on a cork
  • Do attend the emergency department if bleeding continues after ½ hour
Maintain pressure  on the soft part of the nose below the hard bony bridge
  • Do NOT
  • Do not blow your nose
  • Do not sniff, pick your nose
  • Do not strain (lifting/toilet)
  • Do not drink/eat anything hot
  • Do not sneeze through your nose (open your mouth instead)
  • Do not tip your head backwards

If you are concerned, please contact the Emergency Department you first attended: MUH (021) 4271971 M-UCC at SMHC (St. Mary’s Health Campus) (021) 4926900 CUH (021) 4920200 LIU Mallow General Hospital (022) 58506 Bantry General Hospital (027) 52900

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan, 10/03/2004. Reviewed by Dr ÍOS 28/06/2006, 08/04/2007. Last review Dr ÍOS 17/06/21.Print version.