Head Injury Advice - Adult

Cork Emergency Departments

Common complaints symptoms following a head injury are:

If these complaints are getting worse or you still have them after two weeks you should see your own doctor. Print version

(Advice for the person taking a patient home from the Emergency Department)

Please watch the patient closely over the next day or so and rouse gently every few hours:

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes' or you are worried about anything else, you should telephone the Emergency Department at the above number, or if you are very worried take the patient straight back to the

Some extra advice for the patient to help you get well:

Following this advice will help you to recover from your head injury more quickly, and it may stop some of the symptoms from happening.

IRFU concussion guidelines 2014 (print version). Print version

If you are concerned, please contact the Emergency Department you first attended:

Mercy Injury Unit, Gurranabraher (021)4926900

LIU Mallow(022)58506

LIU Bantry(027)52900

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