Outrule Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Discharge Advice

Cork Emergency Departments

Please return to the Emergency Department immediately if you:

  1. Vomit more than twice
  2. Become dizzy or develop a severe or persistent headache not relieved by normal painkillers (eg paracetamol)
  3. Become restless or drowsy
  4. Have a convulsion or fit or twitching of face, arms, legs etc
  5. Develop weakness anywhere in the body
  6. Have double vision or blurred vision

Common symptoms (these may persist for some days)

  1. Mild headache
  2. Tiredness
  3. Poor concentration
  4. Mild memory loss

A letter will be sent to your GP regarding your investigations and care on the unit.

You can telephone the Emergency Department for advice if you are unsure: (021) 4546400 or contact your GP.

If you are concerned, please contact the Emergency Department you first attended:

Mercy Injury Unit, Gurranabraher (021)4926900

LIU Mallow(022)58506

LIU Bantry(027)52900

Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine 10 March 2004. Last rreview Dr ÍOS 17/06/21.