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Phenylephrine preparation
Indication: Acute hypotension
Form: 10mg per 1ml ampoule
Reconstitution: Already in solution but dilute before administration.
Administration: Peripheral or central IV route
Dilute 10mg (1ml of 10mg/ml solution) to 100ml saline to give a 100 microgram/ml solution.
Compatible: Sodium chloride 0.9% or DW5

Dilute 10mg (1mL of a 10mg/mL solution) to 100mL compatible infusion fluid to give a 100 microgram/mL solution.

IV Injection: Usual bolus = 0.1mg - 0.5mg.
Withdraw the required amount from the prepared solution. Administer prescribed solution over 3-5 minutes. Injections should be repeated no more than every 15 minutes.

Continuous IV Infusion, peripheral or central IV route
Initial maximum rate 180 microgram/minute, adjusted to 30-60 microgram /minute according to response, via rate controlled infusion pump or syringe pump.

Special notes: Extravasation may cause tissue necrosis. If a central venous access device is unavailable, administer via a large peripheral vein monitoring insertion site closely. Re-site cannula at first signs of inflammation.
Information provided relates to Phenylephrine manufactured by Beacon Pharmaceuticals.

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