Floseal - Wounds

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Floseal11. Apply Floseal directly to the site of bleeding, allowing it to conform to the shape of the wound

Floseal22. Apply Floseal at a faster rate than the bleeding to prevent product from being washed away due to brisk bleeding

Floseal33. Keep Floseal at the site of bleeding using a damp swab and gentle approximation

Floseal44. Wait 2 minutes before inspection (brisk bleeding/coagulopathic patients may require longer). In cases of persistent bleeding, reapply Floseal through existing material to ensure newly applied Floseal reaches the bleeding site itself

Floseal55. Once haemostasis is achieved, gently irrigate away excess granules not incorporated into the clot

Floseal66. Floseal is reabsorbed by the body within 6 – 8 weeks, consistent with normal wound healing

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