Level 1 Rapid Infuser

The Level 1 system can warm fluid to a temperature of close to 37° Celsius and infuse fluids at rapid rates. These rates depend on the size of cannula.

Administration of Crystalloids under pressure (300mmHg)
Cannula Size Flow rate (ml/min) Elapsed Time (min/L)
18g 240 4.2
16g 440 2.3
14g 500 1.7
Administration of Packed Red Cells under pressure (300mmHg)
Cannula Size Flow rate (ml/min) Elapsed Time (min/L)
18g 150 2.3
16g 220 1.5
14g 300 1.1

Equipment required

  • Level 1 Rapid Infuser (instruction manual)
  • D-50 fluid giving set
  • Fluid/Blood products


  1. Place the bottom end of the heat exchanger (blue metal tube) into the slot marked ‘1’
  2. Place the top part of the heat exchanger into the slot marked ‘2’ until it clicks
  3. Insert the filter into the slot marked ‘3’
  4. Ensure all connections are secure
  5. Close all IV clamps
  6. Spike the IV fluid bags and hang them on the hooks provided
  7. Open the clamp above the drip chamber and half fill the chamber.
  8. Open the rest of the clamps and prime the remainder of the giving set
  9. Once the giving set is adequately primed, close the doors of the infuser
  10. Plug in and turn on the infuser. The green button is the on button.
  11. Connect the IV tubing to the patient
  12. To infuse the fluid under pressure, push the switch from (-) to (+)
  13. All fluid administered using this infuser will be heated to close to 37°
  14. Once the fluid is infused, turn the switch from (+) to (-). Close the clamp above the drip chamber. Replace the fluid with a new bag if required
  15. Repeat procedure as required
  16. To turn off the infuser, press the orange button (next to the green button!).

Infusion of blood products

For blood products, or 500ml bags of IV fluids, use the hook on the inside of the door. Otherwise, repeat as above.

Use of non-collapsible containers (e.g. Gelofusion)

It is essential to remove any air from these containers prior to administration under pressure to prevent possible air embolism by: