Application for Involuntary Admission under the Mental Health Act by ED Staff

When an adult patient in the CUH ED is identified as needing transfer involuntarily to a Psychiatric Unit (‘Approved Centre’) for psychiatric treatment, the following procedure should be followed:

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  1. The patient should have completed their necessary medical care
  2. Appropriate legal documentation needs to be completed by ED staff as follows:

Application is completed by either:

Recommendation is completed by:

Special care should be taken in the completion of these Forms as they are legal documents that will be scrutinized.
Out of hours these forms will usually be the role of the Senior Nurse/Night Superintendant (Form 4) and the Emergency Department duty SpR (Form 5).

  1. These 2 forms (ie Application and Recommendation) should accompany the patient to the Approved Centre (ie Psychiatric Unit) where the patient is being transferred
  2. The Transfer Procedure should otherwise follow the Current Policy & Procedure on the transfer of patients from the Emergency Department, Cork University Hospital to a mental health unit for assessment/admission
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More information see:

  1. Mental Health Act E-Learning Site:
  2. Mental Health Act Helpline: Tel: 1890277477
  3. for copies of relevant forms/more information

Content by Dr Eugene Cassidy 15/04/2012. Last reviewed byDr ÍOS 17/06/21