Nicotine Replacement

Step 1

Fagerstrom Tolerance Test* 0 1 2 Score
How soon after you wake do you smoke? After 30 mins Within 30 mins    
Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking where it is forbidden No Yes    
Which cigarette would you most be unwilling to give up? Any other First one in the morning    
Do you smoke more in the morning than the rest of the day? No Yes    
How many cigarettes do you smoke each day? Up to 15 16-25 >25  
Do you smoke if you are so ill that you are in bed all day? No Yes    
What is the nicotine level of your usual brand of cigarettes? Up to .9mg 1-1.2mg >1.3mg  
Do you inhale the smoke from your cigarette? No Sometimes Always  
Total Score        

Step 2

Score Cigarettes per Day Recommended Dosage of NRT
0 -3
Low nicotine dependence
0-10 10 mgs if required
Moderate nicotine dependent
11-20 15 mgs
7 +
High nicotine dependent
20+ 25 mgs

Points to note

  • NRT patches are applied for 16 hours. Apply in the morning and remove at night
  • For best results patients need to remain on NRT for 12 weeks
  • For pregnant clients advise smoking cessation and /or NRT

For High Dependency Smokers a 3 step down programme is recommended

For Moderate to Low Dependency smokers a 2 step down programme is recommended

Step 3

Offer Support - CUH Smoking Cessation Services ext 22280 / 087-1219633

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 11/09/2014. Last review Dr ÍOS 19/06/21.