Renal Trauma


Radiological imaging of the renal tract is not indicated in adults with microscopic haematuria following blunt abdominal trauma, provided they are not shocked and have no major associated injuries.[Bestbets]. Discharged patients should be asked to attend their GP for check urinalysis in a fortnight.

CT classification of renal trauma

CT Grade


Usual initial management for isolated injury

Grade 1

Superficial cortical laceration, contusion and/or perirenal haematoma

Admit CDU and observe

Grade 2

Deep corticomedullary laceration involving the collecting system

Admit urology for observation

Grade 3

Renal crush injury and/or main vascular pedicle injury

Admit urology for surgery

Grade 4

Injury of the renal pelvis or the ureteropelvic junction

Admit urology for surgery

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 22/12/2011. Last review Dr ÍOS 21/06/21.