CRAMS score

In cases of suspected "major" trauma, please call the Emergency Medicine consultant or Regsitrar if the CRAMS score is 8 or less.

CRAMS score
Circulation Normal capillary refill and SBP>100 2
  Delayed capillary refill or SBP 85-99 1
  No capillary refill or SBP<85 0
Respiration Normal 2
  Abnormal (laboured, shallow, or rate>35) 1
  Absent 0
Abdomen Abdomen and thorax not tender 2
  Abdomen and/or thorax tender 1
  Abdomen rigid, thorax flail, or deep penetrating injury to either 0
Motor Normal - obeys commands 2
  Responds only to pain, no posturing 1
  Only posturing or flaccid to pain 0
Speech Normal - obeys commands 2
  Confused or inappropriate 1
  No intelligible word or silence 0
Total   0-10

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 24/06/2012. Last review Dr ÍOS 21/06/21.