Pre-tibial lacerations

  • In trials, best results are obtained when these wounds are routinely treated with primary split skin grafting
  • In all but the young with healthy skin, the skin of these wounds should NOT be sutured [Bestbets]
  • Use Mepitil (or other non-adherent dressing) in preference to steristrips
  • Cover with good toe to knee pressure bandage
  • Very rarely, in deeper wounds a few plain cat-gut sutures to approximate the subcutaneous tissues may be indicated
  • Please seek advice from the ED Duty Doc if in doubt
  • There is no evidence to confirm/refute the use of antibiotics in pre-tibial haematoma [BestBets]
  • Elderly patients may be considered for overnight admission to CDU for elevation to prevent haematoma formation
Pre-tibial wound Pre-tibial  steristrips
Pretibial laceration

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Last review Dr ÍOS 7/02/23.