Marine Radio

English is the international language of marine communication BUT marine communication is used by many people who do not naturally speak English.

Good radio manners

  • Always listen before transmitting
  • Keep conversations as short as possible
  • Make sure that your message is clear
  • Use “pro” words and sound professional and competent
  • Obey instructions from Coast Guard stations
  • Speak calmly and clearly
  • Do not use bad language, CB talk, TV cop habits - copy of phonetic alphabet

KKiloXX Ray

'Pro' words and other common phrases

  • This is
  • Over
  • Out
  • Say again - used when a message or part of a message has not been understood
  • Word before-
  • Word after-
  • All after-
  • I say again or Repeat – used when an important message or part of a message is repeated
  • Received
  • Nothing heard
  • I copy or copied
  • Stand by
  • Mistake … Correction - used when incorrect information has been given

How do you read me?

  • I read you bad = barely perceptible
  • I read you poor = weak
  • I read you fair = fairly good
  • I read you good = good
  • I read you excellent = very good

If conditions for establishing contact are expected to be bad addressing and identification must be done 3 times

If conditions are good the best way is to address once and identify twice – e.g. “Lady fun” Lady Fun” this is Medico Cork over.

MS Word Print Version


This is Medico Cork, OVER

Medico Cork Medico Cork, this is Lady Fun. We are an Irish fishing vessel. A 40 year old man got his leg caught in the bight of a rope and injured his upper leg, it looks like it is broken and there is a bad cut on the skin. He has no medical problems and is on no tablets. He has no allergies. We have bandaged his leg to his good leg and applied a bandage to the cut. OVER

Medico Cork to Lady Fun, say again all after " tablets".OVER

Lady Fun to Medico Cork, He has no allergies. We have bandaged his leg to his good leg and applied a bandage to the cut. OVER

Medico Cork to Lady Fun, what is his pulse OVER

Lady Fun to medico cork it is good and strong and 70 beats per minute OVER

Medico Cork to Lady Fun say again all after strong OVER

Lady Fun to medico cork, 70 beats per minute OVER

Medico Cork to Lady Fun, give him aspirin 500mg – correction figures 3 0 0 mgs. We will organise a helicopter evacuation .I repeat we will organise a helicopter evacuation. Have you any further questions OVER

Lady Fun to medico Cork, message understood OVER

Medico Cork to Lady Fun, please contact us if you have any worries or if anything changes. Continue to monitor his pulse, skin colour and temp, notify us if there is any change. Medico Cork OUT.

Useful websites

  1. - a copy of the ship captains medical guide – this or equivalent carried on Category A and B vessels
  2. - copy of SI no. 506/1997
  3. - copy of phonetic alphabet
  4. Medico-Cork Staff Guide (print version)
  5. - IRCG website
  6. - UK Coastguard’s homepage
  7. - with links to IRCG, BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mhara), RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), Maritime safety directorate, Health and Safety Authority, Waterways Ireland
  8. medicocork twice to log in – International Maritime Health Association
  9. - International Maritime Organisation

Content by Dr Nora McCarthy, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 01/10/2006. Last review Dr ÍOS 27/05/21.