Cardiac Troponin

Please check your local lab. for troponin details

As in use in CUH:

  • 34ng/L is the upper normal limit in men
  • 16ng/L is the upper normal limit in women
  • The lower limit of detection (LOD) is taken as 5ng/L
  • As the tests are becoming more sensitive, more false positives may be recorded
  • The diagnosis of AMI requires:
    • A ↑ and/or ↓ of biomarkers (e.g. cTnI) with at least one value above the 34/16 ng/L PLUS
    • Symptoms of ischaemia or appropriate ECG changes and/or imaging evidence of new wall motion abnormality
  • Troponin is only one variable. Risk stratification requires clinical assessment and /or scoring e.g. HEART
  • Two measurements of TnI are required (at presentation and after 3 hours) unless max pain (and no longer in pain) was > 3 hours ago (one <LOD will suffice in low risk patients)
  • AMI = rise above normal and Δ > 50% over that same period
  • Δ 20-100% within a 3 hr period requires further testing
  • Δ <20% within 3 hrs is not consistent with an acute event
  • Dx of AMI post PCI or CABG requires a three fold increase in TnI

↑ Troponin are also seen in:

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Last review Dr Í├ôS 13/12/21.