NIV - "Focus" setup

Setting Up

BiPAP Focus in CUH
BiPAP Focus
  1. Consultant/Senior Decision maker to commence NIV
  2. NIV machine (Bipap Focus in CUH) + tube + CO2 exhalation port + mask + head-cap
  3. On the Bipap focus machine, the O2 tubing can be attached into the port on the face mask or beside the exhalation port
  4. Set EPAP at 4 – 5 cm H2O and IPAP at 10 cm H2O
  5. Set back-up breathing frequency to 8 – 10 breaths/minute
  6. Select appropriate size mask (full face in preference to nasal) to fit patient.
  7. Explain procedure to patient
  8. Hold mask in place to allow patient to familiarize themselves
  9. Attach pulse oximeter
  10. Commence NIV, holding mask in place initially
  11. Secure mask in place with straps/headgear to prevent leaks – do not attach too tightly!
  12. Reassess patient after a few minutes
  13. Check for leaks and refit mask if necessary
  14. Add O2 to maintain SpO2 >85%
  15. Instruct patient how to remove the mask and summon help
  16. Increase IPAP gradually up to about 12 - 15 cmH2O over 1 hr
  17. Clinical assessment and, if appropriate, check ABG at 1 hour
  18. If procedure fails, institute alternative management plan

Content By Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan 22/04/2015. Last review Dr ÍOS 17/06/21.