Antidotes in MUH

Folinic acid, glucagon and Calcuim Leucovorin are kept in the pharmacy fridgde. The pharmacy antidotes box is kept high up directlky above the chemotherapy adjuncts press.Most (see list) are also stocked in the Emergency Department.

Available with 30 minutes

Antidote Preparation ED Trade Name
Acetylcysteine 200mg/ml (10ml) X Parvolex
Activated Charcoal 50g X Carbomix
Amyl Nitrite[2] 0.3ml amps    
Atropine Sulphate 600mcg/1ml X  
Calcium gluconate (i) Gel 25mg/g (25g) and
(ii) ampoules,2.2mmol Ca2+ per 10ml amp
Calcium chloride 10mmol Ca2+ per 10ml amp X  
Dantrolene[3] 20mg   Dantrium
Desferrioxamine 500mg vial   Desferal
Diazepam 5mg/1ml (2ml) X Diazemuls
Digoxin Specific Antibody Fragments 38mg per vial X DigiFab
Ethanol 100% ethanol (5ml) X Dehydrated Alcohol BP for Injection
Folinic Acid 15mg tablets,[4]
100mg/10ml and 300mg/30ml vials [2]
  Calcium Leucovorin
Glucagon 1mg per syringe X Glucagen Hypokit [2]
Methylene Blue 100mg/10ml (1% w/v)    
Naloxone 400mcg/1ml X Narcan
Phentolamine 10mg/1ml   Rogitine [2]
Procyclidine 5mg/1ml 2ml amps,
5mg tablets
Protamine Sulphate 10mg/1ml (5ml)    
Pyridoxine 50mg/1ml X Pyridoxine Injection BPC [5]
Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% (100ml) X  
Sodium Nitrite 300mg/10ml    
[2] In fridge, [3] Stock divided btw pharmacy & theatre, [4] On shelf with chemotherapy adjuncts, [5] Unlicensed

Available within two hours

Benzylpenicillin Sodium 600mg vial Crystapen
Cholestyramine 4g per 9g sachet Questran
Dicobalt edetate[1]    
Flumazenil 500mcg/5ml Anexate
Methionine6 500mg tablets  
Phytomenadione (Vit K1) 10mg/1ml Konakion MM
Polyethylene glycol   Klean Prep
[1] current hospital stock in the Emergency Department

Contents by Collette Finnegan, Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan. Last review Dr ÍOS 21/06/21.