Command and Control of Operations at Emergency Site

CUH Major Incident Appendix 4

  • A Controller of Operations shall represent each of the agencies at the emergency site.
  • The overall command and control of the activities of an organisation shall be vested in that organisation's Controller of Operations.
  • Normally the Controllers of Operations at a particular site will be the following individuals:
    • Garda Síochána: The Senior Garda Officer at the site.
    • HSE South: The Senior Ambulance Officer at the site - The Site Medical Officer
    • Local Authority: The Senior Fire Brigade Officer at the site.
  • The Controllers of Operations at the emergency site may agree among themselves on the nomination of one of them to act as a Convenor for co-ordination purposes having regard to the nature and stage of the emergency.

Identification of key personnel at the scene

It is essential at the scene of any accident that key personnel and organisations will be easily identifiable to each other.

Specific identification should be provided:

  • Controller of Operations: Chequered blue & white over-garment labelled Garda Síochána: SITE GARDA CONTROLLER
  • Controllers of Operations: Chequered green & white over-garment labelled HSE: SITE AMBULANCE CONTROLLER
  • Controller of Operations: Chequered red & white over-garment labelled SITE FIRE CONTROLLER

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