Trauma Triage

Please contact the EM Consultant or Registrar if:


  • MVC > 60km/hr
  • Motor / cyclist impact > 30km/hr
  • Pedestrian impact > 30km/hr
  • Ejection from vehicle
  • Prolonged extrication (>30min)
  • Explosion
  • Fall from > 5M height (may be less in a child)
  • Major Burns

Vital signs

  • Respiratory Rate <12 or > 24/min
  • O2 Saturation < 90%
  • Blood Pressure < 90mmHg
  • Pulse Rate >124/ min
  • GCS ≤ 9


  • All penetrating injuries to the neck

Muitiple patients

  • When 3 or more ambulance-borne trauma patients are expected from the same incident

Pregnancy & Trauma

  • Pregnant patient ≥20 weeks gestation with ruptured membranes &/or PV bleeding &/or
    Fetal heart rate < 100 bpm


Vital signs in children outside 1 standard deviation of normal for that age.

These patients should be assessed initially in the Resuscitation Room on arrival.

Please note that, whilst these criteria are absolute for calling for senior assistance, there will be many trauma victims not covered here (e.g. the athlete with a pulse rate of 90, which is double their resting pulse rate) for whom you should also seek advice sooner rather than later.

Content by Dr Íomhar O' Sullivan, SN Elaine O' Farrell, Dr Conor Deasy 07/10/2013. Last review Dr ÍOS 21/06/21.